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December 01, 2009



Yep, we've been feeling your nega-mojo, but don't blame you a bit!!! Bloggers are nosey (that's the only word I can us to describe "us" at the moment) and enjoy living vicariously through people we've never met before! Thanks for your generosity, Jill, and sharing your family and life with us when you can. There's no rule for having to blog everyday!!! I like your decorating ideas and stuff--and it's just fun to stop by to "chill and chat". Have a GREAT Christmas and New Year!!!

Tammy Mellish

I totally get it, believe me. I know I've said it before. I'm paying for a blog that I've not updated since June of '08, but yet I still feel like there is something there for me. I DO want to get back to it! Retreat Jill, and enjoy the holidays!


My problem is facebook, it makes it too easy to update photos an stuff, a lot easier than typepad!

Karen Russell

I like it when you're back.

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